Hella with balls.

pneu (French for “tyre”, which you knew) thrashed around the noise scene circa 2006/7 before bottling their wares in the form of Pince Monseigneur a year later. Today it’s still a great “bedroom” recording, at times sheer boastful of the bond between drummer Jean-Baptist Geoffrey and guitarist Jérôme Vassereau.

With 2011’s Highway To Health they largely stuck to their guns, which is fine because in their case we’re talking Howitzers. The duo were invited to the States to record with Converge’s Kurt Ballou, and the final product sounds huge for it. The kit is a booming colossus throughout the record – all proceeds from which were used to fund new snare skins, presumably – while the purists may argue that overdubbing guitars is sacrilege, but will concede they themselves would flounder in matching the pace. It is perhaps the starkest example I have ever heard of two accomplished musicians enjoying their craft, while brazenly taking the piss.

So it is with open arms that we welcome back pneu this year, with their third LP, Destination Qualité, released via Head Records, who have stood proudly by them for the last ten years. If you know what they’re about you’ll get a kick out it this, if you don’t, it’ll be a smack to the chops. Either way, this record is a great way to spend you time. Do so here.