I don’t often get high on math rock, but it’s impossible not to love Axes. Their on-stage glee is infections and they’re talented as hell… really fucking tight live, plus I think their take on music has a genuine identity, which is always a good thing.


And anyway, maybe wedging them into the math rock bracket is unfair, because last year’s ‘Glory’ LP incorporates a number of styles extremely well. They’d make for a good Rorschach test, this lot.

I’ve caught them live a few times live now and I’m yet to see them fuck up. They never take themselves too seriously, as previous song titles attest, and that’s a breath of fresh air in itself.

So yeah, ‘Glory’ was a stand-out for me in 2014, and probably deserved to be talked about an awful lot more. You can still pick up one of the limited-run purple LPs over at BSM, if you’re quick about it.